stream of consciousness

  1. I think it’s time to change my shampoo and conditioner. Or maybe wash my hair more. Or less.

  2. Shrimp, grits, and braised collards for breakfast this morning. I was able to make the grits taste cheesy without butter (I used ghee) or cheese (nutritional yeast flakes).

  3. The days are muggier now, though we had a short moment of rain this evening that only cooled the air slightly. The sky was a beautiful gray against the delicious jewel green of the trees – my favorite color combination, only missing the gold of wheat fields.

  4. Class number three tonight – I try to teach but this being my first class I know I need work if I’m to do more. And I’m not sure I want to. Or maybe I’ll try a class for children?

  5. He made steak tacos after marinating them for a few hours. The steak was a cheap cut, discounted at the store, but cooked to perfection. I was fed a bite that almost melted in my mouth.

  6. I’ve brushed my teeth and I can still taste the garlic from dinner. That’s not usually something I’m upset about though.

  7. Songs written and named after formations and happenings in outer space to accompany my writing tonight.