01. My day of rest has not been so restful.

02. I got a full cup of coffee down today without wanting to send it back up. Did not take supplements. I fear one of the parties will have to leave.

03. I’m close to finishing the book. It’s words are something I want to believe but my faith has wrestled enough to have trouble with staying constant.

04. I have prepped the ingredients for a Thai red curry. The apartment is filled with the smell of the aromatics before they’ve even hit the hot pan.

05. The wind has been strong today. I like the way it whips through the curtains and brushes across my cheek and legs. I don’t like the green pollen it carries.

06. I’ve had three small gluten free brownies today.

07. I forgot to add fish sauce.

001: 30.04.2019

01. I keep checking my nails to make sure the lobster red hasn’t chipped. They need to make it another week and a half. This vanity is foreign to me.

02. I’m thankful my black coffee is going down without issues. My body must be getting used to the supplements.

03. Day two of sore throat, day one of pressure headache. Pondering the purchase of over-the-counter drugs or natural remedies. Always a fight.

04. “Circe” has my complete attention right now. Greek mythology always has.

05. The bed is finally off the floor. Furniture assembly was designed to test marriages.

06. I didn’t sleep well without the fan. I need to get to Lowe’s before work today.

07. April’s rain has stripped something away from me. I hope May will reveal it. I feel ready for it.