Helloooo, I’m Bri.

  1. I like things in odd numbers.

  2. I can never make my mind up about my hair – bangs? No bangs? Currently bangs.

  3. My love of photography was ignited at the age of 12 with a 35mm Canon point-and-shoot and a pack of film from Walmart (I assume, although I didn’t ask as my mother taught me it was rude to ask where gifts came from).

  4. I love people, how unique we are, and how that seems to unify us – I also like juxtapositions.

  5. I love to travel – I mean, I actually hate the traveling part because I’m almost six feet tall and as I can only afford coach, it’s quite uncomfortable – BUT, I love experiencing new cultures, meeting the people, and eating aaaaaaall the food.

  6. I love food by the way, eating it, talking about it, cooking it, learning about it.

  7. If you like the idea of someone taking photos of you while you’re doing something you love then we should definitely talk.


Ryan and Caitlyn’s Wedding

“I had Bri shoot my very small, outdoor wedding in October 2018. I knew of her work because she had done the photos for my sister's wedding in 2016 and I really liked how she worked and, more importantly, how the photos turned out. To say that I liked my wedding photos would be an understatement. Bri did a fantastic job capturing the feeling of the day. Also, our personalities really jived, so when she suggested some impromptu photos at Books In Stock, I was all for it. There were a total of 10 people at my wedding, and by the end of it, Bri felt just like a second sister. I got a preview that night of a few choice photos and there was great communication about when I could expect the rest. I would highly recommend Henrietta Co. Photography.”